Rosh RayhaanRRRRR
"A classy hotel"

Hotel is well maintained and plush in a good location. Rooms are clean and modern looking. The staff could be more warm and welcoming to make you feel more comfortable - this includes greeting when you enter or wishing you when you are leaving. Didn't notice in Guest Relation Manager or Concierge services

Reviewed by Henriquesneal a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 23rd January 2020
"Back to normal"

After some months with a decline in quality, the buffet is again very good. Internet has improved. Personnel is always smiling and willing to help. Rooms are spacious, bathrooms as well and hot water is almost immediate. Pillows are wonderful and beds very comfortable.

Reviewed by Javier F a TripAdvisor traveler
Spain 19th January 2020
"Could be better"

Hotel is good location and it is clean but for a 5stars hotel it is missing something, it misses the small touches and care which will make you say oh this is a great hotel such as slippers availability, smiling they really need to get training on smiling and of course requests made to have close rooms to each others Hotel staff did not really showed the care to even follow up on my request and if I'm ok with the rooms, we were forced to split into tow groups away from each others me and my son in one room and my wife and daughters are in a far different one not to mention the smell of one of the rooms even though I told them about it, they just said we will take care but nothing really happened Hotel is good but it is not a 5 star hotel so keep that in mind your requests will be most properly ignored one way or the other plus the small things that will make you feel the hotel luxury vibes

Reviewed by THeOnLyK a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 13th January 2020
"Spacious clean and good quality of furnature linen and toiletries"

The property is excellent in general, I like the location, the public areas, the size of rooms and reception. However I see the room rates are over priced compared to similar types and destinations. I would go back if visiting Riyadh again. I recommend to have promotional offers for Saudi Aramco.

Reviewed by Saaddhaher a TripAdvisor traveler 8th January 2020
"The bathroom"

It was a great stay I’ve enjoyed it and I will come back again enshallah, just the bathroom door didn’t close good other then that everything is great and very nice and the prices was little expensive

Reviewed by Sultanbinbander a TripAdvisor traveler 25th December 2019
"Stay at Rahyaan"

Good ambiance and place to stay, I was there for a week and all was smooth. Hoping to be in touch with them for my next visit, since its also located in the heart of the city making business traveler's get easy access

Reviewed by Suresh a TripAdvisor traveler 23rd December 2019
"Business Trip in Riyadh"

Overall experience was very good. Nice room, cozy outdoor lounge, good food, and good service. Its just that various constructions on the road was going on, and we have a hard time locating the hotel in GPS.

Reviewed by Michaeljohnrealista a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 19th December 2019
"Good Business Hotel in heart of Riyadh"

Rosh is Riyadh and comfortable. Accessibility is limited at the moment due to the ongoing metro construction. Wifi can be iffy. Big breakfast experience. Dining in a bit pricy. Great place to meet for networking.

Reviewed by Pioneer a TripAdvisor traveler 18th December 2019

Luxury hotel . location is very bad because of road constructions.sounds comes from other rooms .comfortable bed but the walls bring noise from outside .food is delicious .cars rent is very extensive.

Reviewed by Nnahha a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 10th December 2019

It was wonderful day in this hotel .. I am happy The coffee and sweets very good..the size of room very good. The bathroom is excellent..bهg size and very cleaner. Also the location in the downtown and very easy to arrival.

Reviewed by Hamza_Albukhaiti a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 8th December 2019

قاعة المناسبات تصميمها غريب الباب الشارع يفتح على الحريم مافيه حاجز

reem say
27th February 2020. Source: Google

Good: Clean and in the center of city

Abdulla United Arab Emirates
26th February 2020. Source:

Good: جميل

Moraya Saudi Arabia
26th February 2020. Source:

من الصعب الآن وحتى انتهاء مشروع المترو
Good: حسن الاستقبال
Bad: اعمال الطرق كانت مزعجة واثرت على الفندق بشكل كبير

Mansoor United Arab Emirates
25th February 2020. Source:

Good: النظافه
Bad: ازدحام الموقع

Ibrahim Saudi Arabia
25th February 2020. Source:

Good: مكان مناسب وجميل
Bad: لايوجد

Bader Saudi Arabia
25th February 2020. Source:

جميل جدا للاجتماعات يوجد مدخلين للفندق

saeed alzhrani
24th February 2020. Source: Google

Good: نظافة الفندق عموما ممتازه طاقم الفندق رائع جدا من استقبال مميز جدا وبشوش ومستقبلي اتصالات خدمة الغرف رائعين وخدمة غرف مميزه وجميع العاملين مميزين ايضا المطعم في الفندق والخدمه في المطعم ممتازه انصح بهذا الفندق وبقوة مع املي مراعاة ملاحظاتي
Bad: اعمال الطريق بجانب الفندق اسعار محتويات المني بار ومحتويات الثلاجه من مشروبات مرتفعه جدا اسعار المغسله ايضا مرتفعه جدا

بندر Saudi Arabia
24th February 2020. Source:

رائع وجميل ولكن بودي لو تنزل الأسعار فرق ١٠٠ ريال فقط كان أصبح كل شي كامل فيه

bdbdo 4545
24th February 2020. Source: Google

فندق اروع من الرائع. بس لو يخلوني اطلع بالاكل لغرفتي يكون افضل وافضل

عاشق سراب
24th February 2020. Source: Google

Just perfect. Always I come back!
Good: Clearn, lexury, everything just perfect. Breakfast five stars, Gym good.
Bad: nothing.

Mohamed Egypt
23rd February 2020. Source:

Good: موظفي الاستقبال متعاونون وتعاملهم جميل جدا

Mohammad Saudi Arabia
23rd February 2020. Source:

من اجمل الفنادق
Good: ابداااااعع لا يوصف شكراً روش ريحان 🕊💛

Eid Saudi Arabia
23rd February 2020. Source:

جميل الفندق لكن لا يوجد لدى الموظفين روح الاستقبال والضيافه ...

saad Jabbar
23rd February 2020. Source: Google

حلو الفندق والله. ونظيف ورايق لكن الوصول للموقع متعب بسبب التحويلات

Y Rm
23rd February 2020. Source: Google
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