Rotana’s sales and marketing strategy is designed to efficiently and resourcefully maximize the growth of every property’s market share. Centrally coordinated through its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi, it generates sales targets and delivers key messaging to audiences around the world through a powerful network of marketing offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Germany, Jeddah, Kuwait, London and soon in Russia, Shanghai and Mumbai.

The sales and marketing team’s key objective is to attract corporate clients and guests to Rotana hotels, as well as to establish and maintain personal contact with most important travel operators in any given segment. In support of this goal, the company has invested heavily in the development of a yield-management system that renders customer-market segmentation at extraordinary magnitudes of detail – and optimizes revenue generation through real-time forecasts.

The planning and implementation of individual hotel sales and marketing programmes not only involves direct access to these systems and senior staff members, however, it also includes thorough and intensive training for the sales and marketing people on the ground at each property, such that they can set and achieve aggressive targets.

Rotana has the most aggressive brand deployment and development strategy operating in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe today. It relies on a series of tools to maintain a consistent presence: in the regional press; on international satellite television; through frequent flier programme partnerships – and possibly the most successful guest and frequent-booker loyalty programme in the region: Rotana Rewards.

The company manages its own Private Label Central Reservations System through its provider, Trust International, for instant reservation services around the world, and we are constantly introducing new Internet technologies, as they emerge, to act as a key medium for room reservations. Our website is a growing channel for online sales.

We are also heavily involved in world travel fairs such as ITB in Berlin, the World Travel Market and Confex in London, the Leisure Show Moscow, the EIBTM in Spain, the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, and the GIBTM in Abu Dhabi.

But this is only half of the battle. Above all, it is the power and sophistication of the Rotana brand that creates competitive advantage. Once the decision has been made to take on a new property under Rotana, a whole series of analyses are undertaken to determine its impact on the corporate brand as a whole, real brand differentiation between properties in the same locale, and the deployment of meaningful customer engagement to those locales. Brand and property differentiation has an impact on the kinds of food and beverage outlets brought into the property; the kinds of service metrics deployed at HR level; the design planning and technical service evaluations used – down to the marketing campaigns positioned locally, regionally and internationally.

Reinforcing the Rotana brand is not merely about specific products or service features. It is about evoking emotional responses and recollections from guests and by being the facilitators of memorable and meaningful experiences. Rotana does that. And it does it every day. At every property under its management.

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